Talking about the Application of Concrete Pump in Silo Slipform Construction

Taking engineering examples, the paper summarizes the application of the silo sliding mode construction technology and the experience of solving the problems such as the maintenance after demoulding. Keywords: concrete pump silo slide construction technology Shuangliu coal loading warehouse is located in Shuangliu mine in Liulin County, northwest, east-west arrangement of a total of two circular steel barrels with a diameter of 16M, warehouse brim 35M high, wall thickness 0.25M, warehouse for the framework and brick structure of the belt room, the warehouse is equipped with reinforced concrete funnel, each warehouse four, the distance between the two positions 0.5M, a total of 2800 cubic meters of concrete pouring, based on the raft foundation, Design strength is C25. During the construction of the floor and beam pouring one-time molding. Group mode after the sliding body warehouse. C25 warehouse design strength, the amount of concrete 945 cubic meters, as required by conventional construction at least 16-17 days, 100 construction workers. In order to speed up the construction progress and grab the task of lifting the warehouse body before the arrival of the rainy season, it was decided to cancel the original construction plan: (1) within the upgrade mode, and (2) tower crane mode. Due to its construction method, the speed of ascension is limited, and the staff consumes a lot. After many discussions decided to adopt concrete pump for vertical transport of concrete. The original tower crane only as a steel, iron and auxiliary equipment vertical transport. The research has decided to use HBT60A type concrete pump, the main technical parameters of the pump are as follows: concrete output pressure 6.3Mpa, concrete output 18.4-67.3 cubic meters. Maximum output distance (diameter 0.1M) 100M. Concrete pump construction, is used to enhance the height of a 30M 300M, the thickness of more than 0.5M mass concrete, with saving manpower, material and time, short time, high efficiency, fast and convenient features, but the concrete pumping on the flow of concrete Higher requirements, the slump needs to be controlled between 12-16 cm, silo sliding mode requires the initial setting of the concrete, the final setting time controlled at 2 hours and 20 minutes, 3 hours and 30 minutes to prevent sticky mold, which will help slip Rise. Pumping concrete although widely used in most parts of our province, but for the silo sliding mold process in my company for the first time, how to pump concrete technology used in silo sliding mode construction and how to solve the concrete after demolding Conservation problems, increase the strength of concrete, to adapt to the speed of concrete slip, for which we take the following measures: 1, scientific and rational choice of additives to improve the mechanical properties of concrete to improve durability, a wide range of additives for the market, more Choose a factory in Taiyuan XX-B, XX-BH, Shanxi, an additive plant production of XX-4, Ministry of Chemical Industry Habitat building materials admixture plant production HS-NF, HS-AF additive A variety. In the use of Datong P. 042.5R cement, Liulin crushed stone (2-4), Lishi production washing sand (containing less than 5% mud) when compared with the trial found that HS-AF admixture and cement adaptability better, and with its configuration of concrete The concrete strength of 3 days, day and 28 days were 25.5Mpa, 32.8Mpa and 37.9Mpa respectively, and the slump was 13 + 2. The initial and final coagulation times were about 2: 20,3: 30 respectively, and the basic Meet the construction requirements. It is determined that the concrete mix proportion is designed as cement: sand: crushed stone: water: admixture: 1: 2.16: 3.34: 0,7, this admixture not only meets the technical requirements of concrete pump, Slip settling time and strength requirements, at the same time in accordance with the different amount of early strength superplasticizer, saving 15-20% of cement, only one of this more than 60 tons of cement savings. 2, the concrete pump requirements gravel maximum particle size flow is not greater than the diameter of 1/3, the slump of the pipeline entrance between 12-16 cm, while the slump of concrete into the mold should be between 10 to 12 cm, due to Silo slide height changes, the slump loss of the pipeline is also increasing, and gravel, sand moisture content of each batch, clay content, particle size is not the same size, the scene 24 hours temperature and humidity are Large changes, taken to set a special person in the central station to adjust the water-cement ratio, control the construction site mix, to ensure slump, set in the feed inlet iron grate to enter the large sand, mud for manual selection, To ensure the workability of concrete, fluidity, setting time requirements, to avoid the phenomenon of concrete æ·… æ·…. Due to the gravel particles are small, should result in the sand mud is not wrapped, and the phenomenon of blocking the pipe, gravel strictly control the grading, strict access to raw materials. 3, the concrete pump in order to play an effective delivery capacity of 60 cubic meters of Sichuan, when the delivery height of 60M, you need continuous operation, the construction of centralized mixing station mixing, feeding by the loader with raw materials by the centralized mixing station accurate measurement after the mix Hop together with the loading by the loader, the raw materials by the centralized mixing station accurate measurement of mixing, re-entry pump tank trough secondary mixing so that concrete can be fully mixed, and good workability.

 In strict accordance with ISO 9001:20015 and Pipe Flanges;
    1.Make process card and quality plan
    2.Choose the qualified raw material and do incoming test, not allowed      
     nonconforming material to enter into production process;
    3.Producing and testing followed the quality documents 
    4.Be good at Quality records and product identification to ensure the product 
    5.Do the final inspection to ensure 100% of pass.

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