Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry successfully developed MAN9L21/31 diesel engine

On June 25th, the well-received MAN9L21/31 diesel engine was successfully developed in Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and the first four generator sets using this diesel engine have been successfully loaded and sent to Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. At this point, the export of 4250TEU container ships will use domestic generator sets.

In recent years, while the shipbuilding industry group has accelerated the development of the main shipbuilding industry, it has taken various measures to improve the manufacturing level of marine accessory products. In order to further improve the localized loading rate of ship supporting equipment, in early 2004, CSIC signed a production license agreement with German MANB&W Company and decided to introduce four types of marine auxiliary engines such as L21/31, and as a key project of the group company, in Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. designated production. As the main product of MANB&W's medium-speed diesel generator set, L21/31 series diesel engine has the advantages of advanced technology, compact structure and high reliability. It is an advanced model in the contemporary ship auxiliary machine market and is widely used in land and marine applications. The power generation field has broad market prospects.

After the signing of the production license agreement, the localization of the 9L21/31 diesel engine of Shaanxi Heavy Industry was completed at the end of April 2006. After completing the assembly and commissioning of the first unit, it successfully passed the Lloyd's on June 11. Approval by the classification society (LR) and users.

While accelerating the localization of L21/31 diesel engines, Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry took the initiative to explore the market potential and bring marine auxiliary products to the market as soon as possible. With the strong support of CSIC, in early 2005, Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry and Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry signed a contract for the supply of 40 sets of 9L21/31 diesel engines for the main generator set of 10 4250TEU export container ships of Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry. At present, Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry has more than 100 sets of auxiliary engines for marine use, including 72 L21/31 diesel engines. Marine auxiliary machines have become a new economic growth point for Shaanxi Heavy Industry.

The successful development of the 9L21/31 diesel engine indicates that Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry has realized the transformation from a single mainframe production to a main and auxiliary machine concurrent strategy in accelerating the adjustment of product structure and business strategy. At the same time, it also marks that China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry has made new progress in improving the local loading rate of ship supporting equipment through the combination of independent development and introduction of technology.

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