Shenyang Determined to Take a New Road to Industrialization and Petrochemical and Equipment Manufacturing

In 2005, the industrial economy of Shenyang City accelerated its development and the leading industries continued to grow. The total industrial output value of industrial enterprises above designated size was 225 billion yuan, 3.2 times that of 2000, with an average annual increase of 25.8%. On this basis, Shenyang has decided to take a new road to industrialization during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period. Through the implementation of the Industrial Multiplier Plan, it will achieve a leap-forward development of the industrial economy, of which petrochemical and equipment manufacturing will play an important role.

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, Shenyang will accelerate the construction of a central city in the Northeast, focusing on the construction of the West Third Ring Road in the east, the Liaozhong County in the west, the Weihe River in the south, and the Qinshen High Speed ​​Railway in the north with a planned area of ​​850 square kilometers. Shen West Industrial Corridor. In this area, Shenyang first focuses on accelerating the construction of the core area of ​​advanced equipment manufacturing in Tiexi, taking advantage of the advantages of composite assembly and comprehensive support, and driving the development of the equipment manufacturing industry with complete sets, concentrating on expanding CNC machine tools, general machinery, heavy mining machinery, and transmission and transformation. Electric equipment and other advantageous industries have accelerated the cultivation of nuclear power and wind power equipment, gas turbine power equipment, instrumentation and other emerging industries, and built a leading domestic mold manufacturing center and casting and forging industrial park, enabling the total industrial output value of above-scale industries in Tiexi New District to reach 240 billion yuan. The second is to start the construction of Shenxi Chemical Industrial Zone covering an area of ​​30 square kilometers, initially forming industrial clusters of chemical raw materials, fine chemicals and rubber products; third, planning and construction of heavy industrial zones in Shenxi, focusing on the development of deep processing of steel and non-ferrous metal processing industries; Create a modern industrial city. On this basis, Shenxi Industrial Corridor will be extended to cities around Shenyang, Xinmin, Liaoyang, Anshan, and Yingkou, and will eventually be built into an important industrial corridor in Liaoning and an important new industrial base in China.

Shenyang will also use Shenyang West Chemical Industry Park, Tiexi Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Core Zone, German International Industrial Park, Singapore Industrial Park, and Taiwan Industrial Park as carriers to introduce large companies, large consortia, corporate headquarters, and research and development in Korea, Japan and Europe and the United States. The center will drive a number of supporting enterprises to invest in Shenyang to build factories; at the same time, it will enlarge and strengthen large-scale enterprise groups such as Shenyang Machine Tool, Shengu, Shenhua, Dongfang Pharmaceutical and Yuanda Aluminum. Shenyang Machine Tool Group will rely on the technology acquired by the German company Hess to accelerate the integration of resources in the domestic machine tool industry and build the world's largest machine tool development base. Shengu Group, on the basis of the reorganization of water pumps and air compressors, accelerates joint ventures with internationally renowned companies and builds an international-standard general machinery development base.

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