high quality manual brake tricycle driving alxe for zongshen tricycle
Structure Full/ semi floating
Bearing 6008 tapered bearing
Brake oil / mechnical brake
Length of rear axle 700-1210mm(From hub to hub)
Diff ratio 3.9
Input spline 20*17*4
Material 60*4(GB/T8162-1999 seamless steel tube)
Rim lock bolt 5-M14*1.5 right and left threaded
Speed 1 speed
PCD 5*140
Offset 120mm
Delivery Within 30days
Load capacity <1.5T
Wheel hub diameter 220mm
Net weight 50kg
Fit engine from 50cc--400cc

Our Company Name Chongqing Xianyou Technology Development Co., Led.
Established Time founded in 1998
Our Company Character specialized in machinery research, development and manufacture , high-tech Enterprise
Our Factory Produce all kinds of gears, gear box, rear axle for tricycle
Our Award in 2002-the gold medal of China quality "Wan Li Xing"
in 2009-obtained the national high and new technology enterprise
certificates issued by ministry of science and technology
in 2008-four product standards and Chongqing key new product and excellent key new product
certificate by Chongqing two different authority Official institutions
Patents 18 national patents
Hardware Facilities We have 2 assembly workshop, 2 machining workshop, a district- level R&D center, 3 semi-automatic assembly lines, 60 sets of spiral bevel gear milling machine, 20 sets of Case processing.             Machine, 8 sets automatic welding machine and 100 sets CNC machining equipment
Production capacity reverse gear annual output can reach 700,000 sets; rear axle can reach 81,000 sets; gear box can reach 827,000 sets.

Gordon Sales Manager
Chongqing Xianyou Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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