Shantui track chassis: a new way to promote high-quality development of the industry

"The gentleman is responsible for this, and he is born right." As an outstanding representative of Houdao Lushang, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.'s tracked chassis branch (hereinafter referred to as: Shantui's tracked chassis) always regards meeting user needs and increasing user value as its development goals.

Not only adhering to the "Shandong Business Road, the sincere world", the Lu Shang Road, in the journey towards high-quality development, Shantui's track chassis also pursues the "Innovation" Road, the "Hehe Road" Road, and the "Road" Road. In the process of continuous product innovation and enhancement of user value, we have accelerated the pace of high-quality development of China's construction machinery accessory industry.

"Innovation" changes with time

Innovation is the primary driving force behind the development of an enterprise. At the moment when users are increasingly demanding the comprehensive performance of construction machinery chassis parts, Shantui track chassis always adhere to the concept of innovative development, with a full range of chassis parts products and research and development capabilities.

Not only can it meet the needs of large-scale crawler-type construction machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, etc., but also through the differential design and manufacturing of non-mass production products such as rotary drilling rigs, etc. Demand for different pitch tracks, to achieve targeted, personalized design, and ultimately to achieve product differentiation.

Aiming at the reliability issues that users are most concerned about, in view of the impact of raw materials and heat treatment processes on the life of the chassis parts, Shantui crawler chassis is jointly developed with steel companies to improve the life of the chassis parts to 8000 hours.

At present, the performance of the chassis components of the brands in the market is not much different within 3000 hours, and the difference gradually manifests after 3,000 hours. The high-life characteristics such as no breaks and bends of the mountain track, no oil leakage from "four wheels", and no breakage of bolts are here. Reflected vividly.

Compared with competitors, Shantui chassis components have more significant energy saving features. By improving the wear resistance of pin sleeves, and through the development of lubricated crawlers, the lubrication, wear and resistance of chassis components are reduced as much as possible to ensure lower fuel consumption of the main engine and meet users' requirements for fuel saving, high life, and low operating costs. Demand.

At the same time, Shantui's track chassis also remanufactured large pitch products. Such products, such as lubricated tracks, have a high value and residual value after use. In addition, the performance after remanufacturing is guaranteed, and the overall cost performance is high, which is very popular in the market. This has also become a practical move for Shantui's track chassis to practice green development.

During the transformation of construction machinery products from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", as a domestic chassis component leader, how to lead the industry to realize the intelligentization of chassis component products has become the main subject of Shantui crawler chassis research.

Liu Zhaoyun, general manager of Shantui ’s tracked chassis branch company, said, “Shanti ’s tracked chassis focuses on two dimensions:“ intelligent ”manufacturing and full life cycle management.” The company uses automated production equipment, such as robots and automatic feeders Realize intelligent production, improve per capita output efficiency and number of units.

Once the product is born, Shantui SPRS system will establish a life quality file for it, carry out information management on the entire life cycle of the product, understand in real time various data such as chassis parts use, wear, working conditions, etc. Guidance and optimization.

The entire life cycle, especially the intelligent management of products outside the warranty period, also provides ideas and basis for product reliability improvement design.

Cost control is one of the core demands of users for products. On the basis of ensuring the high quality of the product, minimizing the user's use cost is also one of the outstanding advantages of Shantui's track chassis. The company's large-scale production and deep cultivation of the four-round area.

No matter in the span or the quality depth, it guarantees the maximum control of the cost advantage of Shantui's crawler chassis, and it has become a core element that competitors can't compare and catch up with in a short time.

"Hehe" Way Win-Win Cooperation

The idea of ​​"harmony and harmony" and "harmony and harmony" is the core and essence of Chinese traditional culture, and is also the win-win symbiosis of "harmony and harmony" that Lu Shang, represented by Shantui ’s crawler chassis, stands in today ’s world development. "Biology."

At present, the lubricating track mainly includes three series of Carter series, Komatsu series and Shantui series, which are mainly used for supporting bulldozers. There are not many domestic enterprises with production capacity. Based on the characteristics of Shantui's chassis components with high reliability and obvious cost advantages, Caterpillar and Komatsu never hesitated to cooperate with Shantui's crawler chassis components.

Especially in the aftermarket field, Shantui ’s track chassis has products with a life expectancy of about 5,000 hours for the aftermarket, as a supplement to the chassis of used equipment. Matching with the residual operating life of the whole machine, these products are also greatly welcomed by users and the market.

Liu Zhaoyun said that in order to better complete the product supporting work and enhance the comprehensive value and competitiveness of partners and users, in the future, Shantui ’s track chassis will further increase work in two areas. First, continue to increase joint research and development with steel companies, continuously adjust the proportion of trace elements, optimize heat treatment processes, and improve product reliability; second, quickly and deeply understand the changing trend of working conditions.

As a local brand, Shantui has a deep understanding and understanding of Chinese user needs, working conditions, and geographic conditions. This helps Shantui to understand and analyze the changing trends of working conditions and user needs faster and more accurately. The product quickly proposes market response plans to protect user value.

The way of "taking responsibility"

For a long time, at the time when the development of China's construction machinery products has achieved rapid progress and various indicators continue to innovate, the high-end accessory products of construction machinery have not been able to go hand in hand with them and play a triumph, accelerating the development of high-end accessory products. Subjects that need to be broken during the development process.

As a Shanti track chassis with a deep accumulation of more than 40 years, adhere to the demand-oriented and industrial development direction. This has not only become the core basis for Shanti track chassis in the continuous improvement of products and innovation, but also to bear the heavy responsibility of the industry and practice itself Outstanding performance of mission.

For a long time, domestically produced large-pitch crawler products have been a constraint on China ’s crawler chassis. Foreign-imported products purchased by users not only have high prices, but also have long service cycles for accessories.

In 2018, Shantui's track chassis launched the largest pitch in China today, the 350mm pitch track, filling a gap in China and meeting the demand for replacement of the pitch track product by the mainframe products being used by domestic users.

At present, there are more than ten imported 1250t-class electric shovel excavators in operation in China. It is expected that the track replacement will be performed in 2 years. The suitable track pitch is 395mm, which is currently the world's largest track pitch. Based on this, Shantui's track chassis is planned to be specially designed and developed for 395mm pitch tracks in 2020, and will go on sale in 2021.

Regarding the development of large-pitch tracks, Liu Zhaoyun pointed out, "Shantou has strict management processes in the development of new products, and will meet the needs of users and enhance the value of users as the company's research and development and launch of new products. It does not make any meaningless display . The introduction of large-scale products is just a responsibility. "

While ensuring the demand for large-pitch crawler products, Shantui's crawler chassis consistently integrates product innovation into its daily work, and meets the user's personalized and customized needs reflected in every product of the company.

The chassis parts of the bottom part of construction machinery are not all standardized products. The products will have slight differences depending on the user's construction conditions. For example, the ground pressure and harshness of different working conditions determine the length and thickness of the track shoes.

Even if the overall structure is unchanged, the company will adjust these details according to the different construction conditions of the user. It can be said that the products received by each user are more or less customized. Shantui's track chassis has the responsibility and ability to meet all the needs of customers in the current market.

Those who seek newness win, those who think change change. As the largest and most professional chassis accessory company in China, Shantui's track chassis always pays attention to user needs, and provides users with high-quality, low-cost, fast-cycle supporting products, which is the company's original intention and the responsibility and mission that it has always undertaken. .

At the critical moment of the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry, Shantui's crawler chassis has adopted the "innovation", "hehe", and "responsibility" development approach, which has helped Ye Mao to develop a deeper and higher-quality development in the industry. (This article comes from Shantui)

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