Small aerial vehicles have several directions to help

The directional resistance system is able to assist with the direction adjustment of small aerial vehicles , and it is also to be able to better reduce the intensity of the driver's use of the steering wheel, and secondly, the most important point is to be able to better The operation of high-altitude vehicles mentioned some effects on economy and safety performance.  

Most of the hydraulic power steering systems used in machinery rooms are used in smaller overhead vehicles. The mechanical hydraulic assist system is constructed by several components including the relevant V-shaped transmission belt, hydraulic pump, pressure flow control valve body, oil storage tank, etc. The mechanical hydraulic power steering system of the small - scale aerial vehicle It is a combination of related and liquid pumps, piping, in order to better maintain the pressure, whether it is the need for resistance to steering, and the entire system will always be in the operating state, and in the small high-altitude operations The driving speed of the car is relatively low, but when a large-angle steering is performed, there is a need to increase the output power of the hydraulic pump and obtain greater resistance. Therefore, it is also wasted in a certain degree. Some power, but by comparison, other aspects of energy consumption will be slightly higher. When a small-scale high-altitude vehicle driven by a hydraulic hydraulic power steering system is used, it may feel that the direction is relatively heavy when turning at a low speed, but the speed of the engine at the high-altitude operation also has an improvement. And the pressure of the hydraulic pump of the vehicle and the consumption of some components of the system itself will become comparatively large.  

As for the electronic hydraulic steering assist system, it can well overcome the defects of those traditional hydraulic steering assist systems. The hydraulic pump used in the electrohydraulic steering assist system is an electric pump that does not require the belt of the engine to drive, but its overall operating condition is based on the electronic control unit according to the steering angle of the aerial working vehicle. Problems such as the speed of driving, etc. are signaled to calculate the most appropriate state. When the high-altitude vehicle is driven at high speed, the hydraulically controlled unit-driven electronic hydraulic pump operates at a relatively low operating speed, and can save a portion of the engine power without affecting high-speed steering. . It is also a relatively common hydraulic steering assist system. .  

Although it is said that the aerial working vehicle equipped with an electric power steering system is relatively simple in terms of structure, it may be troublesome to carry out maintenance. However, once it is due to heavy steering or inaccurate steering, it is necessary to use a detector to perform inspections. Both types of steering assist systems have different advantages. Ultimately, they need to be selected according to their own needs and performance requirements.

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