The need to pay attention to the use of sprinklers in highland areas

Some of the mainland’s friends went to the plateau for the first time. Most of them would not adapt to the environment and have some altitude sickness. The main symptom is that they have difficulty breathing, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and tinnitus, and then the machinery and equipment When driving in such an environment, these same conditions will occur, but only in a different way from the way people perform. What should we pay attention to when using a sprinkler in a highland environment?  

1. The use of a sprinkler in a highland environment should be used properly and the workload of the vehicle at the bottom of the vehicle should be reduced, because the ambient air in the area is relatively thin, so that there are fewer mixers in the sprinkler and it will appear Insufficient combustion and incombustibility may cause a great deal of waste.

2. Before the sprinkler truck is out of the vehicle, in order to avoid the influence of the altitude sickness, it is necessary to do the maintenance of the vehicle in advance and in time. The sealing system of the sprinkler cooling system should be well done to avoid leakage. In the case of coolant, the fuel and the fuel are prepared adequately. Because there are few service stations in the plateau, it is often necessary to prepare some spares, such as power take-offs and screens that are often used in sprinklers.  

3, because the use of the sprinkler vehicle environment is relatively scarce, so the vehicle's compressor intake should be reduced, if the sprinkler is using an air brake, then the braking effect is significantly reduced at this time, the driver needs It's good to notice the braking performance of the sprinkler. If you feel something strange, it's best to stop the vehicle for inspection.

4, in order to prevent the air resistance will cause the clutch hydraulic transmission and the failure of the hydraulic system, you can use cooling recovery measures, you can put the wet cloth to the hydraulic cylinder, or use the shower to carry out Spraying. In order to reduce the splashing car's engine, there is a potting situation.  

5, because the pressure in the plateau area is very different, but also need to pay good attention to the air pressure adjustment of the sprinkler tires, in order to ensure a good ride to the smooth.

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