Concrete pump truck used in rural areas need to pay attention to what

1. Most of China’s rural roads are relatively narrow, and the road conditions in those remote areas are even worse. Therefore, when a concrete pump truck drives a vehicle in time, it is not always necessary to observe and pay attention to it. The surrounding situation. Avoid bruising of nearby vehicles and passers-by. If it is in a conditional situation, it is better to have an observer who can easily operate the driver. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the concrete pump truck and cannot work on some soft ground.  

2. When the concrete pump truck 's legs are being displayed, they must ensure the safety of the surroundings. Therefore, some elderly people or children must extend the legs in the sight of the child. After the outriggers are deployed, it is also necessary to confirm the subgrade again. If there is no way to meet the requirements of the work, then it is necessary to prevent the feet from being overstuffed.  

3, need to prevent the concrete pump truck jib shock. In fact, the chances of electric shock on the boom of the concrete pump truck are generally very small, as long as only the operator has noticed that such an accident would not occur. However, if you are going to build near a high-voltage line, you need to be vigilant. Even if the boom of the concrete pump truck does not directly touch the high voltage line, it is very likely to cause electric shock.  

4. The domestic fuel quality is good or bad at present, especially in the gas stations in some rural areas, neither Sinopec nor PetroChina, so there is no way to guarantee the oil quality. Concrete pump trucks need to fill the tank with oil before they need to work. If necessary, they can also bring their own tank. If it is in a more urgent situation that you need to refuel at a nearby gas station, it is best to ask local people where the gas station is more reliable. Under normal circumstances, local drivers will be aware of these situations. In addition, do not add some special fuel for saving some money. Under normal circumstances, these special oils will have some problems in terms of oil quality.

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