Mike truck pushes turbine electric drive electric garbage truck

At the 2016 US Environmental Technology and Waste Expo (Waste Expo), Mike Trucks displayed an electric garbage truck. The car is based on the Mike LR chassis and uses a turbine-electric drive system from Wrightspeed Inc. The transmission was created by Tesla's co-founder, Ian Wright, allowing the car to reclaim power in the brakes and built-in turbine to charge the truck.

Instead of a traditional engine-gearbox transmission, Wrightspeed offers a range-up electric system. The system contains plug-in battery packs that allow the vehicle to travel 24 miles (38.62 kilometers) on pure electrical energy. When the power is low, the 80-kilowatt engine can be used to charge the battery. The engine can burn both diesel and natural gas fuels. Due to work requirements, garbage trucks often have to start and stop multiple times. Recycling electricity from the braking system can also charge the battery, which saves fuel.

Sanitary Appliance Stamping Products are consist of stainless steel squatting pan, stainless steel toilet, and stainless steel bedpands for female and male, wall mounted stainless steel urinal products and any other stainless steel sanitary appliances.

Part Name: Stainless Steel WC Squatting pan in Toilet

Material: Stainless steel 304.etc (As per customer's requirement )

Application: Adult

Feature: Automatic, APP Control

Product Size: 660*390*570 mm ( can be customized as per your drawing )

Finish: Surface can be Polish finish, hair-line finish, mirror finish, or satin finish.

Equipment: CNC machining center, EDM, WEDM, WEDM-HS, linear cutting machine, radial drill, sawing machine, grinding machine, milling machine, lathe, punch, CMM, Rockwell-hardness-tester, projector, Dial Calipers, slide Calipers etc.

Transportation Packing: OPP bag or cardboard box with wooden pallet if necessary.

Function: All the pats are made of Heavy Duty SS304. Elegant and luxury in appearance.

The Quality
Quality will never be a concern from our top-rated production line.
High professional and discreet team will ensure you a quite pleasant purchasing experience.

The Accuracy
The most prompt and companionable service of our sales team will meet your every need.

The Customization
Our products are stocked in the updated printing design, but also provide a great billboard space to
showcase your custom logo or message.

Product Packing
We are constantly reviewing new and innovative packaging concepts with our customers to determine
what is the least expensive and most effective way to package their products.


Processing Equipment to make SS squatting pan drawing die





Radial Drill: 6 PCS

Sawing machine: 2 PCS

Griding machine: 5 PCS

Milling machine: 4 PCS

Bending drill: 5 PCS

Lathe: 2PCS

Tapping center: 1 PCS

Plate shears: 2 PCS

Punch : 3 PCS

Hydraulic machine: 10 PCS


squatting pan drawing machine

Inspection Equipment to check Stainless steel squatting pan mould and product 



Projector: 1 PCS

Rockwell-hardness-tester: 1 PCS

Dial Calipers(0-300mm): 10 PCS

Slide Calipers(0-1000): 8 PCS

Pound scale: 1 PCS

All Stainless steel squatting pan products must be inspected by our Quality Control Department before shipment to you, inspection reports will be shared with you and all "NG" dimensions will be corrected right away.


Our Procedures for Stainless Steel Squatting Pan product


  1. Place Stamping Mould order and pay down payment

  2. Making stamping mould design as per our existing drawing or as per your drawing

  3. You check mould design and give us approval

  4. Production process and coming up the samples

  5. You check the sample and confirm with approval

  6. Make balance payment and arrange the shipment by air or by sea ( as per customer's requirements )

  7. We offer after- sale services


If you have any questions about squatting pan products or stamping moulds, please don't hesitate to let us know, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory at your convenient time, we shall be very glad to give you the reasonable price in 24 hours when we receive your RFQ ( Request For Quotation ). Thank you very much.

Sanitary Ware Appliance Stamping Mould

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