Causes of pumping strikes in concrete pump trucks

If the concrete pump truck wants to have reliable and safe performance, it is indispensable for daily maintenance and maintenance work. In addition, it needs to be well informed about the structure of the concrete pump truck as well as the good knowledge of some vehicles. Some of the solutions to the performance failures that emerged, if they did not, would be likely to encounter more sad reminders in the crucial moments besides catching up. For example, when the concrete pump truck was performing the pumping operation, the pendulum handle of the swing cylinder and the S swing valve had fallen off, resulting in the concrete pump truck being unable to perform normal pumping operations and not yet Any treatment at the fault site puts the concrete pump truck's boom up and back.  

All that needs to be done at this time is two things. The first is to repair the connecting plate. At that time, it may be discovered that because the swinging handle is at the last moment of falling off, there is only a small section of the keyway and the flower of the S swing valve. After the keys are touched, the splines and the keyways are deformed in such a way that they cannot be fitted back.  

Therefore, if necessary, we can use the second method, which is to use an on-board pump directly connected to the concrete pump truck 's conveying pipe to see if it can pump concrete out of the conveying pipe in the opposite direction. It may be that the concrete in the conveying pipe is already in a state of condensation because of a long time. However, when flushing in the opposite direction, the pressure would be too great after the pipe was clogged with concrete, causing the rupture of the 5-arm pipe. This kind of more dangerous practice will cause the popping of the blocked pipe because it cannot withstand excessive pressure. The stones and blown pipes from the high pressure will cause injuries to the surrounding people. This method can be used.

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