Summer tanker accident prevention work should be cautious

The oil tanker's oil filling equipment did not reach the specified range, oil spills, equipment failures, electrostatic discharges, and some human error operations all contributed to the emergence of various accidents in the tanker. Therefore, in summing up and drawing on the experience of others, in order to better ensure the safety of oil loading for tankers , the following knowledge should be better learned.

From years of observation of tankers, the main places where static electricity is generated are pipes, pumps, and filters. The amount of static electricity generated in tanker filling systems is higher than that of the ground. If an underground pipe with a 250-meter length and a 100-mm diameter is used to pump oil at a flow rate of 2500 L/min, the amount of electric charge that passes through the refueling gun is generally only a few degrees, but After the amount of electric charge passed by the tanker is exceeded, the main location of the static electricity is on the filter of the tanker. If the tanker is not grounded, then the loading and unloading work is started. It is possible to bring the voltage above 10KV. To deal with the danger of static electricity, it is necessary to take the following measures when loading and unloading:


1. The tanker should be connected with the ground before carrying out oil filling, and the work can only be carried out after the inspection is completed. In addition, it is necessary to constantly check whether the grounding resistance of the anti-static standard value is Among the normal standards.

2. The crane pipe used when carrying out oil filling must reach the bottom of the tank body. The distance between the bottom of the tank body and the nozzle mouth should be maintained at about 15 cm, and it is strictly controlled during the process of irrigation. When the equipment is installed, the muzzle velocity is within 1m/s, and the flow rate can be gradually increased after the oil outlets are submerged, but the maximum is not able to exceed 4.5m/s in order to avoid the speed of splashes. An accident that caused static electricity took place.

3. After the oil is full, it should be possible to disconnect the ground after 5 minutes. Because the oil will flow in the tank after the oil is installed, it will cause the right point to remain for several minutes.

4. During the loading and unloading work of the tanker , the operator and the vehicle and the work object touch each other to generate friction, which is extremely easy to generate static electricity, and there may be situations in which static discharge is formed. If, at this time, it happens that there are flammable and explosive oil vapors, it is highly probable that an explosion will occur. Therefore, for the sake of everyone's safety, it is necessary for operators to wear anti-static work clothes and anti-static shoes during the work process.

5, for the oil station's remote control, automatic control, metering equipment and valves and other equipment, should be regularly tested and calibrated, and it is necessary to have a corresponding management system, for the use of hair oil equipment is If you can't be sloppy, don't use a non-conductive polyethylene hose as a line for oil delivery. Do not use plastic containers when handling oil. For electrostatic grounding devices, it is absolutely necessary to be cautious. It is necessary to operate, install, and inspect according to specifications.

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Product Feature

1.The structure of the pump is back disassembling type for easily maintenance, it is not necessary to dismantle the inlet or outlet pipeline when maintenance is needed.

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3.Double-row tapered roller bearing is adopted at the pump end, cylindrical roller bearing is adopted at the drive end, and the bearings are lubricated by oil so that the condition the bearings works under is improved and the service life of the bearings is lengthened.

4.Cartridge mechanical seal which is specially adopted in desulfurization process is used to make its operation much stable.

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