Visedo acquires Dutch integration and R&D partner EPC

Recently, Visedo, a Finnish electric drive transmission system specialist, acquired the Dutch integration and R&D partner Electric Power Conversion (EPC) to further strengthen the company's system expertise in the field of ship solutions.
The two companies have had good cooperation in many projects and are very familiar with each other. The cooperative DC grid system projects include the Västtrafik passenger ferry, the Italian Wider superyacht and the Dutch Damen Ecoliner riverboat project.
It is reported that the acquisition includes EPC's system R&D center, engineer team and pipeline sales. Visedo noted that EPC's competitiveness in marine diesel-electric DC grids and hybrid and all-electric drive transmissions will strengthen the company's ship engineering capabilities.
After the acquisition, the EPC will be renamed Visedo, and the founder and general manager of EPC, Pieter Dijkstra, will be the general manager of the combined company.
It is expected that in the next few years, the demand for hybrid and full-power inland waterways and offshore shipping will grow rapidly, which will greatly reduce pollution emissions and operating costs, which are required by shipyards and shipowners.
Visedo acquires Dutch integration and R&D partner EPC

             Concrete Pump Delivery Conveying Cylinder

Concrete pump delivery cylinder is a very important part, Conveying cylinder is used in pump to delivery concrete.

The brand include : Putzmeister , Schwing ,  Zoomlion , Sany , IHI , etc...

1.Products Introductions

Part No. Name Brands Description
1 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider Putzmeister

DN150*1099 , DN180*1103 , DN200*1585

DN200*2260 , DN200*2305 , DN230*1600,

DN230*2320 , DN250*2310,,

2 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider

DN180*1175 , DN180*1320 , DN180*1520 

DN180*2125 , DN180*1775 , DN200*1572,

DN200*1775 , DN200*2125 , DN230*2125 ,


3 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider
DN205*1768 , DN225*1768
4 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider
Niigata DN210*1730
5 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider
Mitsubishi DN205*1790 , DN205*2190
6 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider

DN195*1570 , DN205*1900 , DN205*1538 

DN205*1738 , DN220*1700 , DN220*1738,

DN220*1538 , DN220*1900,

7 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider

DN200*1200 , DN200*1800 , DN200*1862 ,

DN200*1960 , DN200*2012 , DN200*2032 ,

DN200*2306 , DN230*1850 , DN230*2306 ,

DN230*1800 , DN230*2250 , DN260*2250 ,

8 Concrete Pump Delivery Cylnider

DN180*1545 , DN180*1530 , DN195*1570 , 

DN200*1570 , DN200*1746 , DN200*1946 ,

DN200*2246 , DN200*2268 , DN230*1746 ,

DN230*2146 , DN260*2145 , DN260*2345 ,

2.Products Photos

Pm Delivery Cylinder 2Ihi Concrete Pump Conveying CylinderSany Conveying CylinderMitsubishi Conveying CylinderKyokuto Conveying CylinderSchwing Conveying CylinderZoomlion Conveying Cylinder

Conveying Cylinder

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