"Yuchai Heavy Industry's Most Beautiful" Event Sets Up a Marketing Fever

To promote sales, Yuchai Heavy Industries has developed new marketing methods. Since March 2015, it has launched the “most beautiful series of Yuchai Heavy Industry” campaigns, and it has been used nationwide through external media, group media, customer terminals and other channels. The “most beautiful users”, “the most beautiful hands” and “the most beautiful service engineers” will be selected. The winning users and operators will receive the reward of one excavator. The event was widely welcomed by dealers and users, setting off a boom in marketing.

Yuchai marketing boom

Yuchai marketing boom

According to reports, the “Most Beautiful” series of Yuchai Heavy Industry’s campaigns are promoted in three phases. The “most beautiful users” are selected from March to June, the “most beautiful hands” are selected from July to September, and “the most beautiful” from November to December. "Service Engineer" selection. The selection activities will be conducted through the sea elections in the eight regions of the country and the finals will be selected as champions of the region's most beautiful "Yuchai Heavy Industry" and national "Yuchai Heavy Industry Most Beautiful" champions. Among them, the most beautiful user championship, the most beautiful driver championship will be YC15-8 excavator one. The most beautiful service engineer championship will receive 10,000 yuan in prize money. In order to promote the selection of this project, Yuchai Heavy Industry and its distributors around the world will recruit players through the cooperation media and terminal publicity channels, and display all phases of Yuchai Heavy Industry and users through sea election, voting and display. The deep friendship of service partners and the good performance of Yuchai excavator.

In addition to being promoted through the terminal, Yuchai Heavy Industries also innovated the means of communication to unite the group's new media platform, and the self-built Yuchai Heavy Industry WeChat public platform (Micro Signal: yuchaihi), Yuchai Heavy Industry's official Weibo, Yuchai Heavy Industry's official website and other modules. Spread information and promote marketing activities.

The event was welcomed by Yuchai Heavy Industry dealers and users. On March 10, the Zhejiang regional agent Ningbo Yuanfu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead in hosting the 2015 Spring Fair in Ningbo. A total of 300 new and old users from Ningbo attended the exhibition. On the day of the event, there were 23 customers who paid for the first time and snapped up 24 units of Yuchai Heavy Industry excavators.

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