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Montreal-based artist Linda Covit created an art sculpture called Havre at the entrance to the McGill University Health Center. MUHC (McGill University Health Center) is one of the world's leading academic health centers. The new hospital will open at the Glen venue in April 2015. It is a redevelopment project that will produce the most advanced equipment in three venues. Completed in November 2014, Havre is the largest of the 11 public art appointments in the new MUHC hospital complex and the largest appointed project of the Quebec Government's Fusion of Arts in Building 1 policy. The building site is located on the entrance floor and is designed to be prominent for commuters on the road and commuters on nearby trains, attracting people into this beautifully landscaped area with many public gardens and making it a representative symbol of the hospital. On the one hand Havre is planned into this vast area, but it retains a more personal experience. Shaped like a sculpture, it welcomes patients, visitors, employees and pedestrians into this piece of art through three doors, providing a personalized experience. During the day, natural light shines through this piece of art, casting a pattern of shadows that change with time, date and season. At night, every 30 minutes, three continuous rays are sprinkled into the artwork with a faint blue/blue-green color. These colors are reminiscent of air (sky) and water, which are the basic elements of life.

Cold Press Machine is the auxiliary in Plywood Production Line, which is used to shorten the cycle time of hot press and improve the quality of plywood before gluing board. Cold press machine belongs to the pressing machine. Cold press machine is mainly used to press the gluing veneer, so that make the initial shape, and then into the Hot Press Machine to press. It is important to improve the quality of plywood, and it is an significant part. Cold press machine in general consists with the rack, fixed beam, moving beam, the plate device, cylinder and hydraulic system, electric control device components.

Plywood Cold Press Machine

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