The Controversy over the Disposal of "Special Cars"

The Controversy over the Disposal of "Special Cars"

Whose cheese was moved by the "car"? In recent days, the car rental (commonly known as the "car") industry in the rapidly developing Mainland has been hit hard.

Since New Year's Day, more than ten cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, and Guangzhou have successively called for private cars to access special car services. Liang Jianwei, deputy head of the Beijing Municipal Traffic Law Enforcement Corps, told the media that the three companies that “dial”, “easy to arrive” and “fast” said that all the special-purpose car services provided by the Beijing law enforcement personnel using the above software belong to the “black car” operation.

The Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China also responded a few days ago, affirming that the special train service has a positive effect on meeting the high quality, diversification and diversity needs of the transport market, and at the same time emphasizes that the special train software company should abide by the rules of the transport market and bear due responsibility, with special emphasis. "Private car access platforms are prohibited from participating in operations."

Cell phone calls to stir the Chinese taxi market began in early 2014. At that time, Tencent and Alibaba’s taxi software each subsidized hundreds of millions of yuan (renminbi, the same below) to subsidize passengers and drivers one by one, making mobile phone taxis a daily routine for many urban residents. Baidu also launched a taxi service based on its map application.

In August of that year, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), which had accumulated a large number of users, entered the "second battlefield" - special car service.

Why is the hot car everywhere in a short time? An article published by WeChat's circle of friends reveals an inner universe: “Taxi drivers and business bus drivers have two very different faces”.

With the advantages of good service and cashback, the car quickly found the market.

While the “black car” was called to stop all over the country, taxi drivers who were legally operating began to express dissatisfaction. On the 8th, a taxi outage occurred in Nanjing. The reason was that the driver thought that “cents of money” (the rent that the driver gave to his taxi company) was too high and affected his income.

At present, taxis in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Nanjing in China are basically affiliated with a number of taxi companies. Drivers do not own property rights for taxi licenses and need to pay rent to the company on a monthly basis.

The China News Agency reporters visited several taxi drivers in Beijing on the 12th and learned that each vehicle (two people taking turns driving) needs to pay a monthly amount to the company. The amount of money is generally around 6,000 yuan, or even more. With fuel expenses and other expenses, a driver needs to pay about 6,000 yuan a month as a fixed cost. Drivers generally agree that the special car is a "black car", but at the same time it also believes that the high-valued money is unreasonable.

"I would like to change the "special car" now, but unfortunately I will not use software." An Dazheng, a driver who used a fast taxi to answer the bill, told reporters: "I think it's unreasonable to pay half the income of a month. I have heard that 'special car' not only does not need to pay for children, but also returns 100 pieces per ticket, which is equivalent to double the income."

However, An Dayang also believes that it is not possible to cancel the money. "Who wants less money?"

The official media also released signals subtly. The China Communications Daily, under the Ministry of Transport, reprinted an article entitled “Expert: It's Time to Break the Monopoly of a Taxi” through its official micro-signage headline on the 12th. The author is the National Development and Reform Commission’s reform and development of Chinese cities and small towns. Zhang Guohua, Dean of the Center for Comprehensive Transportation Research.

Zhang Guohua said that domestic quantitative controls and strict access audits have caused taxi companies to monopolize their operations, bringing with them high monopoly profits, which have distort the market and caused serious problems such as the imbalance between supply and demand that have caused the proliferation of black vehicles.

The reporter noted that from the level of local governments and enterprises, they are all trying to incorporate special car services into the scope of legal compliance operations.

Taking Beijing as an example, the Transportation Authority of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission recently stated that it is investigating the commissioning of taxi rentals.

One of the major car service providers in China, the Easy Access Vehicle announced on the 12th that it will soon set up an “Easy Car Rental” to specialize in car rental and other businesses. In the area of ​​easy access vehicles, it has already reserved RMB 8 billion for business development. It aims to bridge the gap between light-asset Internet technology platforms, asset-focused car rental companies and financial businesses, and establishes cross-driving services, car rental, and car rentals. Three traditional modes of innovation.

Among them, the expression of “heavy assets” may mean that Yiyi will build its own leased-vehicle reserves similar to China’s car rental, and it’s indisputable that “private cars cannot be accessed”.

“From the macro-environmental point of view, although the car-launching software has suffered some setbacks recently in some places, as long as we insist on creating the time and the maximum economic value for passengers as the goal, step by step, there will eventually be a dark day.” Zhang Guohua said.

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