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As for the question of how to save fuel, you must be familiar with fuel-saving driving skills. However, if you ignore the health problems of the car itself, then no matter what the fuel-saving master to help you drive, you can not open a good result. In addition to driving skills, the “primary solution to the problem” has four other fuel-consuming aspects that are most easily overlooked by car owners: air filters, spark plugs, transmission oil, and fuel injectors.

Air filter to go to the regular shop replacement

In addition to maintaining good driving habits, air cleaners are one of the most overlooked components for car owners.

If the vehicle is to be replaced at the social maintenance workshop or in an improperly operating 4S shop, the “sanqing” (engine oil, oil filter, air filter) will not be ruled out by the maintenance personnel who are lazy or forget to check the air filter. In addition, in order to save money, there are owners who tell the workers to use high pressure air guns to blow dust from the air cleaner. This method will cause more dust to be blown into the filter layer of the air filter, resulting in a reduction in the amount of air intake, eventually increasing the engine noise, reducing the power, and increasing the fuel consumption. If you do not replace the dusty air filter for a long time, it will cause engine carbon deposition, throttle throttle, and further increase fuel consumption.

Spark plug only has a life of 40,000 kilometers

The use of spark plugs that are too old is also a part that owners easily overlook. In general, the current high-end spark plugs for vehicles use platinum and gilt spark plugs. The service life of these spark plugs is mostly around 100,000 kilometers, and the lifespan of ordinary spark plugs is 40,000 kilometers. How to tell what kind of spark plug your car uses. Xue Bo told reporters that the vehicle instruction manual will have annotated, if you do not specify the spark plug type, just look at the vehicle maintenance content, judging from the replacement mileage.

The new and old spark plug also has a direct impact on the fuel consumption. If the spark plug is used for too long, ignition will not be smooth, which will increase fuel consumption. Xue Bo said that the owner can ask the worker to remove a spark plug randomly for visual inspection when the vehicle returns to the field for repair or maintenance. If the metal pole of the spark plug is black or white, it is abnormal. If the black material can be used, If the wire is scraped, the spark plug can be used after it has been cleaned. However, if it is white or black and it cannot be removed, the spark plug must be replaced.

Injector 20,000 kilometers to clean

“The injectors and throttles are equivalent to human esophagus and lungs.” Xue Bo said that due to the low quality of domestic oil products, general vehicles must inspect the fuel injectors and throttles after traveling 20,000 kilometers. Can be cleaned. “At present, 4S shop cleaning nozzles and throttle man-hours plus fee for materials will also be about 200 yuan.” He said that if the nozzle and throttle are not cleaned for a long time, not only fuel consumption will increase, while the vehicle is accelerating and closing When oil is present, there is a noticeable sense of frustration that will reduce the comfort of the vehicle.

Transmission Oil Avoids Poor Oil

Most car owners can remember exactly how long the engine oil of their car needs to be replaced, but few people will remember that the transmission oil should be changed regularly. In general, the manual transmission oil needs to be replaced every 60,000 kilometers, and the automatic transmission oil can be changed roughly every 40,000 kilometers due to its different types. Xue Bo cautioned fellow riders that the cost of replacing the transmission oil was equivalent to the routine maintenance of a car. Some owners would think that the price was higher, but in fact, if the transmission oil was emulsified and deteriorated, it would not only not be able to lubricate gears. It will also erode gear parts and electronic components. When the gearbox needs to be overhauled, it costs more than 10,000 yuan. At the same time, long-term operation of gearboxes in harsh lubricants will also result in poor transmission, increasing resistance and increasing fuel consumption.

When the tanker appears, resist the other oil

"Cars often have carbon deposits or even jitters. In fact, most of the reasons are oil products." Xue Bo said that many of the symptoms of maintenance vehicles are mostly acceleration and weakness, serious body shake, after the inspection found that most of the nozzle clogging, fuel filtration Plug and engine carbon deposits. He said that when owners refuel, they should try to choose large state-owned gas stations. In particular, it should be noted that when tankers are found filling oil tanks at the gas station, they must not be refueled. Because the pressure generated by the tanker will stir up the impurities in the bottom of the tank, this oil will seriously affect vehicle performance. In general, the tanker will enter the station before the morning peak and after the evening peak. The owner should learn to avoid refueling after this period of time.

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