"China Digital Factory Promotion Conference" was held on September 21

"China Digital Factory Promotion Conference" was held on September 21

A new round of industrial revolution has struck strongly, and the trend of reshuffling the global manufacturing pattern has been fixed. Examining China’s role in global manufacturing is also actively changing from a “manufacturer” to a “manufacturer”. In the face of strong circles, the way out of "Made in China" is driven by innovation. Only armed with innovative technologies, Chinese manufacturing can catch up with development in design and production, manufacturing and operations, and businesses and industries. Therefore, leapfrogging and transformation have become the only way for China's manufacturing. Digitalization, networking, and intelligence have also become the keywords on the development path.

Chinese manufacturing is on the road beyond advanced manufacturing in foreign countries. Digital factories are an important link that cannot be achieved. Only on the basis of a digital factory, can we further use advanced innovative sensor network technology and human-computer interaction technology, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of moving into a smart factory and even a smart factory, and to achieve the goal of overtaking foreign advanced manufacturing. However, based on reality, the level of automation in China's manufacturing industry is generally not high, and the development of informatization is constrained by certain systems. At the moment, whether driven by national policies or new strategies for domestic companies, they are all inclined to the development of digital factories. Numerous facts have proven that digital factories are the best place to show the convergence of modern industrialization and informationization; it is also an important breakthrough for Chinese manufacturing to achieve innovation, leapfrogging, and transformation.

To this end, it is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology's Manufacturing Information Technology Engineering Office, the China Mechatronics Technology Application Association, the National Fusion Innovation Alliance, the China Mechanical Engineering Society's Mechanical Industry Automation Subcommittee, and the China Automation Association's Manufacturing Technology Professional Committee. The "China Digital Factory Promotion Conference (DFC'2014)" organized by the Fogoboda Media Group • "e Manufacturing" magazine will be held at the National Convention Center in Beijing from September 21 to 22, 2014.

The conference has many breakthroughs in terms of specifications. First of all, the leading guests participating in the event are the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the leaders and experts of relevant ministries and industry organizations such as the China Federation of Machinery Industry, and 398 large-scale manufacturing informatization enterprises in China. Head of the company, German Industry 4.0 speakers, suppliers and cooperative media; the scale of the conference can reach more than 500 people. Again, the theme and content of the main forum and sub-forums of the conference not only show a degree of unity but also have unique features. For the purpose of the China Digital Factory Promotion Conference, the conference will hold three thematic sub-forums, including the main forum for digital factory conferences and virtual manufacturing, the creation of full value chains for digital factories, robotics and smart manufacturing. The theme of the speech is not only around the digital factory, but also around the center to carry out all aspects of argumentation, elaboration, analysis, prediction and so on. The authoritativeness of the speakers, the uniqueness of the content of the speeches, the originality of the conference format, and the forward-looking aspects of the speech topics will surely bring far-reaching influence in the industry.

The conference will also hold the "National Advanced Manufacturing Technology Forum and the 13th Conference on Manufacturing Automation and Informatization Technology", "2014 National Automation System and Integration Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC159) Annual Meeting," and "PLCopen China" General and Technical Exchange Conferences, SERCOS Technology Exchange Conference.

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