Portable Soil Moisture Temperature Tester for Determination of Soil Suitable for Gardenia in the North

A gardenia bloom allows people to know more about Gardenia. However, gardenia grows in a warm area in southern China. It prefers a warm and humid climate. It is also very demanding for the soil, loose and secure. Acidic light soil with strong fertility is the environment for its growth. Due to the difference in the climate between the North and the South, it is not easy to maintain well in the northern region if it does not have a good grasp of its living habits.

Then in the northern family, how to raise gardenia to flourish and floriferous, the key is to master the five links of soil, moisture, temperature, light and fertilization. Gardenia prefers acidic soils, while northern soils tend to be alkaline or alkaline, so gardenia often grows poorly in the northern basin soil, takes a long time, and can even die out. When planting gardenia in the north, the soil must be well-packed. The portable soil moisture temperature measurement instrument is an instrument for the effective determination of soil moisture.

Simply preparing the culture soil suitable for gardenia planting can be carried out in a ratio of 1:1 of sandy loam soil and peat soil. After thorough mixing and sifting, the plants can be used in the basin, and some already decomposed leaves and sand can be properly added. In order to promote the growth of gardenia, loosen the culture soil or properly incorporate some cooked bean cakes and sesame paste. This kind of culture soil is not only acidic, but also has good water permeability and ventilation. After watering, excess water can quickly flow out from the water hole in the bottom of the pot, avoiding excessive water accumulation in the pot, which is conducive to the growth of the flower root system.

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